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when a bird flies
it uses its wings
but when you fly
what do you use?

I think I would stand at the highest point
of a building just as the sun is setting
could I fly with Alain’s On Happiness
could I fly with Mozart’s Jupiter
could I fly with
my love for someone?

facing the distant sunset
both arms spread out
I am forever
caught in my own despair

like a story
my home is far
far away
where nobody knows anybody
they fall in love with strangers
and like a story
their love must end.

and the only ones who remember
are the dead
who bear grudges
against the living
and do not wish to go back home.

and when everyone dies
they return there alone
carrying bunches of flowers
in their arms.

I already said too much
I already shared too much
I want all my secrets back.
I hate getting close to people these days.
I always regret
sharing too much
caring too much
doing too much
feeling too much.

Friday November 02, 2012
TAG(S): #富岡 #寺山
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